Dear Friend,

It appears that with temperatures hitting high 80's and low 90's already that summer is here. Hopefully it goes by as fast as the first part of the year has. 

We are already busy raising birds and starting on maintenance projects in preperation for next season. First chicks came in April 23rd and are doing well. From now till end of September we will be getting chicks in every month so the work never ends. Here at the preserve we did manage to burn all but a few of the pastures before things greened up to much. As of now they are looking good. I do plan to do some spraying again later in the summer weather permitting. Hopefully we have a good summer and can dodge the hurricanes come late summer and early fall. 

Deadline for the discounted rate on memberships is June 1. Membership prices remained the same but we did have a slight increase in bird cost. Current prices are on the web site, 

 Waterfowl hunts and packages did have a slight increase so go to the web site for current pricing. We will be limiting the number of waterfowl packages we sale and they are on first come first serve basis. Deadline for purchasing packages are July 31st. We will only be selling 10 of these packages. 

 New pricing for our day hunts and unguided hunts are on the web site. Due to increase in operating cost, insurance, fuel, labor etc. we did have to have a price increase. While no one likes to see this, it was necessary that we adjust our prices to reflect the cost associated with the hunts. If you check around our pricing is still very competitive. 

** For purchasing Memberships or Waterfowl packages you may pay by check or credit card. Due to the fact memberships and packages are already discounted I would prefer a check. If you do need to do it on a card there will be a 4% fee. 

I hope you all have a great summer. I appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you all this next season. 

Thanks Leon Randermann

Top-Flight Hunting Preserve, Inc.

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